Thank God there's no bugs here

Entering Douba Douba:

I brought along Níðgæst with me on this trip, and he wanted to explore a Wild World since he's shut in all day. When we first arrived at Douba Douba it was a stomach-churner, something about how obnoxiously bright and colorful everything was made me anxious. Níðgæst had sprinted towards a palm tree-ish structure and, from it, had picked a scintillating ruby apple. Níðgæst had told me
"Ahahaha! This whole place is candy, and even the dirt is candy!"
, however, I was a little more aware that we had dragged in dirt and germs and all that and might ruin whatever patch of land we were standing on. I tried telling this to Níðgæst, but he charged off to find creatures since there were none to be found. Running across the plains, we stumbled across a herd of strange.. bluebird thingies. I clutched my Paw-Pad to see what species they were, unidentified yet not possessing predator traits. In that herd, toad-like creatures, one-by-one, were being swallowed by the beast from two glottises in its pseudo-mouth. Níðgæst had charged happily to greet the creatures, and we could tell they were safe to approach due to our Paw-Pad's scanner. Níðgæst started to pet one of the creatures who we now call "Nakaucata" "Kuakudid" and the family "Kaukaukaukau" conversely; the toads we decided to call "candy" for they were rich with sweetness. I took two metal rods out from my tool pouch, coinciding with some thread, to which I then wrapped one of the toads to my contraption. I guess Níðgæst wasn't paying attention because he was gone by the time I was assembling a way to guide the Kaukaukaukau, I was left with trusty ol' Kuakudid.

On the Hunt:

Kuakudid and I searched for the Boss Monster; we knew this World was unclaimed and must have been under the ownership of a real ditzy one. Níðgæst sent me a text message along the lines of "last one, there is a rotten egg!", originally the plan wasn't to split up. Kuakudid must have been some female version of Nakaucata, with no penis in sight and her color was more magenta than electric blue. Crypsis in this environment either doesn't matter much due to the saturation and curve of the surrounding textures... I thought the beak's tentacles could be penises, or maybe there must have been some change in the amount, but the surrounding herd did not reflect this difference. So off I went discarding my preparatory ventures into the hills and plains of Douba Douba; I headed north-west since I smelled (sea salt?). Generally, Boss Monsters are incredibly active in hunting(if they're an omophagist). They're no strangers to eating Characters, either. They pummel and trample their surroundings to find more material(treasure?) to store for their caves. Creatures partake in this right of conflict by asserting themselves in great numbers; they will always attempt to overthrow the Boss Monster at some point, but every time a Boss Monster dies or becomes corrupted, the entire World goes into disintegration. In every Creature and Character's mind, there's this what science describes as a "program" which denies a Creature from destroying the Boss. Characters had the means to negate the program by using those weapons as deeds for ownership. I'm not looking for those Weapon-Deeds, but maybe Níðgæst might want to.

Phase 1:

Across my gaze, nearing in was the horizon of a glistening ornate collectivity of crystal. Surfacing on the crystal-ocean, the nature of Worlds always puzzled me there was always something new to arise. We all have access to a dense encyclopedia of labels saying something is something for a specific reason, but what reason would a crystal-ocean have? Kuakudid led me towards the coast, I wanted to see what this substance of shine can offer. Worlds are always within the boundaries of of an ocean unless they are infinite, but this has to be an ocean of some sort if it has a coastline with no flung-off objects to discern if it were truly an ocean or not. Is this the time for reflection, introspection, or am I just allowed to accept everything as fact until I die and have no concept the itinerant magician who spawned this schizm. Thankfully this spot was not devoid of life, more herds of Kaukaukaukau populated the field prescedenting the ocean. I jumped off of Kuakudid into the granular gemstone shore, the Paw-Pad labeled the environment as "containing an assortment of particles ranging from Sillica, Zirconium, Taaffeite, Benitoite.." but it was just a jumbled mesh of particles too spread apart to be worth anything. As if the Kaukaukaukau were communicating with me, along with Kuakudid; they had all faced further east some even taking light steps... I recieved a message from Níðgæst the chatlogs went as followed
"wehehe you'RE THE ROTTEN EGG! fuckin IDIOT hehe!"
"That was mean.. :( where was he?"
While I was traveling directly north, I saw a ton of things but I saw it!!! I saw the Boss Monster!!
Is he still there? Did he talk to you at all?
Nono just migraines, it looks a bit like a spider with a big rod and a crown or soemthing
That's kind of weird, can you be a little more descriptive, employ better word choice?
Imagine a long octarine stick, with I'd say around 6 stick legs. On top of the stick is a big gummy looking thing.
Sounds creepy, where'd it head?
It headed east!
Well come here!

Phase 2:

I spent 30 minutes waiting at this beach, didn't see that Boss Monster Níðgæst was talking about. I'm getting a little annoyed, and I'm just getting the slightest of headaches due to the sheer saturation of everything. I went over to try and find Kuakudid's penis to no avail, then tried searching for maybe a slit but nothing... Guess I'm going to have to write this down in Weapon-Deeds