A Bizzare Hand Layout...?

My Description:

This is one of the first Wild Worlds I will be documenting, the Boss Monster of this world is unknown. It's not the large eyeball in the center, Ladalas Ualiacor is one of the more "safer Wild Worlds" if you're smart about it. You can fall almost forever if you aren't careful however the way gravity functions in this World makes you gravitate around the hands as if you're magnetically attracted to them, while it just seems like a bunch of weirdly placed hands in a floating void it's segmented into layers. So you may be wondering why is it segmented in layers, well there lives bioata in this World! The hands themselves each have different attributes, the primary picture shown here is only the center of the World in the 4th Section.

How do the Hands Work?:

The gimmick to this world is that I think these hands are sorta 'sentient', what I mean by this is that they move on their own and seem to interact based on contact and from that contact other hands seem to join in. These hands are also regenerating every 96 hours, there are these little slime blob creatures that are incredibly hazardous which swift and sway to eat away the shells of the hands. Within each hand there resides plenty of flesh, sometimes it's fruity looking flesh and just standard looking flesh. I haven't tasted it but I brought some samples to ask any Reptile aquaintances to try out. Nothing is that aggresive here the hands seem to let me relax and rest ontop of them and whatnot.

The hands come in all sizes, it goes from the first layer being the smallest growing larger until the 4th layer until the 8th layer in which they return back to smaller size. I see very small hands occasionally; Character sized ones they must be some sort of baby? Despite this world having a lot of open space and all the Boss Monster is just completely impossible to find, I suspect maybe the World itself could be one..? It wouldn't explain the lack of space however....

First Layer:

The Black-Box is seated on a pretty large hand, it looks like a roof when you start venturing downwards. However the hand seems to be in a constant state of being peeled open, I believe maybe the upper levels of hands get fed on the most because the slimes tend to gravitate upward and one they become dense enough fall down (this will make sense in a bit). The smells you respire are incredibly noxious, I don't think the hands can rot but there's just something to the nigrescent color of the upper ones that is akin to some sort of necrosis. When I first entered I even slipped and busted my ass, making me slip even more it was disgusting... The hand still reacted to my movements however, something annoying that you need to deal with is the hands slowly closing inn on you if you stay on one hand for too long.

Second Layer:

The hands are shelled in this layer, this is where I saw some of the mini hands; you would think they would reside amongst the others in the first floor but there must be some genetic prediliction they hold onto spawning from the slimes being most numerous in the upper floors. I actually did peel open one of the hands and gave a little lick, it tasted like meat which was sort of what I was expecting but had this burning after taste when it entered my throat.(I didn't like it.) Every hour or so the 'sky' begins too shift hues, the slimes as well went along with the world I'm really not sure why.

Third Layer:

Whilst for the first two layers I was already familiar with the things I would see, as far as I know beyond this is undocumented and hearsay. There were legends of a Character-like shadow monster which chased and ate down it's prey, but I didn't see it anywhere. This point the flesh in the cracked open hands started to resemble other things that were not just meat, I saw cerulean bubbly fauna-esq formations? Some peeled open hands had weird patterns in the flesh as if someone had came to paint it by hand, I'm talking something akin to a assortment of snowflakes as a pattern... I accidentally touched a slime here but it didn't burn me, it had been 2 hours anyways and the sky changed to a sort of pavonine pattern..? I believe maybe the greenish blue enviroment causes the slime to be less acidic somewhat....? Maybe something about them cooling off, and their more warmer color schemes has some sort of acidic element to it.

Fourth Layer:

There was a nausea effect in this layer not even my Bipismo (phosphorated carbohydrate) could reduce it. It starts to vanish in the second half of the Fourth Layer, it's assumed to be emanating from the eyeball-esq structure in the middle. Previous explorers although few they may be attempted to extract or attack the eyeball, but it seems to come back no matter how much you damage it like how the hands heal overtime. I wasn't planning on attempting to interact with it due to how sickening it gets in this portion. Not even the strange slimes like to hang around here, I see when they pass through here their shape turns into this crystalline pattern.

Fifth Layer:

The hands grow little colorful flowers here, with thick stalks rowed with small glandular hairs. A majority were in a ceruelan purple color scheme, the largest buds glowed rowed with fimbriate petals. Some of the hands barely resemble hands yet they still retain the general conture and digits of the metacarpus. While peaking I saw little helically coiled creatures buried beneath the fauna, I have a small phobia of these sorts of creatures. Normally ig a creature has no mouth their properties can be incredibly dangerous and toxic with few variations able to corrupt. This layer was a hazard zone so I started to rush out in order to escape.

Sixth Layer:

The slimes were all a crimson red so I avoided them as much as possible, they sink straight through the hands causing numerous craters on each. The hands become much larger in this portion, there are only 4 hands each being larger than the previous. The scent of blood and flesh was so poignant, like the atmosophere itself was blood. I brought along a gas mask and some containers for regions like these. I put on my gloves and started poking and trying to grasp the flesh, it was all clumpy and like there were strewns of random cartilage. The fourth hand was the only one that wasn't fully dissolved, I found a Character by the name of Fredrick. When I have an interview here detailing our interactions, to summarize he was camping to find a hand with flesh comprised of treasure. This hand was rumoured by a previous explorer to exist with the goods to back his claim, aparently it was nealite. He was able to setup a camp to rest in since the slimes avoid this hand, I asked if he had any mining tools and he did. We hacked away the surface of the thick shell and beneath this hand was a foul smelling dizzying mirage of purple diseased fleshbits emerging from a dark swamp of muck.

Seventh Layer:

The seventh layer was bright and bore the aesthetic of heaven, fluffy clouds holden hands. They had emerging little feathers like some sort of mutation, the feathers fluttered and budged so slighlty to the feel of my touch. The hands were just the right size to cradle a character, there were slimes here however they were translucent and were of no harm to the hands. As if it knew my intentions one of the hands that cradled me shifted downwards as if to bring me to the other region. There was not much more besides that, sterile and light as it were there was a loud droning as I descended lower to the depths.

Eighth Layer:

There was pure darkness despite that I brought a latern for my trip, it wasn't needed however as the hands were luminscent and neon. Stepping on them felt like stepping on jello, it must be where the slimes form from. I saw some blobs transform into a little star like object almost resembling a hand. The droning rang loudly in these parts, I kept descending to find the source of it but no matter how far I descended there was nothing more to this layer. The gravity was like an ocean beneath, I spent some time having fun swimming and twirling. The trip back was easy since the gravity was so loose you can direct your body to float downwards. The trip as a whole was kind of fun for me, I wasn't that scared and I really enjoyed the seventh and fifth layer for how captivating the enviroment was. I hope the Boss Monster of this world stays hidden, if I had ever seen the Creature I wouldn't have even written it down in this page for it's anonimity.