Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelain is a incredibly locked down Republic. Most the history is relayed from their interactions with other Worlds and the few Reptiles who decide to leave the World, the language they speak isn't readily translated yet. (This is from Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle's description) Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelain translates to Steel Skeleton Citadel of Chatelaine, when the first Reptile settlers came the first chancellor held up a elaborate clasp created from the skeletons of the many other Reptiles which decided to claim the land. This Chatelaine has been passed down to each chancellor of Stahlskelett-Zitadelle as a part of coronation. The World's title isn't synonymous with Stahlskelett-Zitadelle but its officially regarded as Tactilis, the reason is is that the World is never fully "claimed" and never will be. Tactilis the enviroment is infinite just like the Full Connection there is no defined borders, however if you were to attempt to walk past the setup borderwalls you would slowly succumb to the enviroment.


The reputation Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelain along with the reptiles that come from it has and always will be pretty bad. Some say the World is insecure due to the lack of Dedos moderation, it's also regarded as the oldest or second oldest (tied with ADderockenfehrter if my sources are correct..?). Upon it's conception the main goal of the Reptiles was certain conquest and military control, Hē̆ven Sǒmer-hal and The Dog Nation 獒胎蔵のエピック四世 were the main competitors in the eyes of Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelain. Since this time period species immigration between Worlds was so rare that when species meet eachother on the Connectionroads the conflict ended up 90% of the time in monomachy. The Reptiles were always given orders to kill any Cat or Dog they met, despite this Reptiles didn't use the Connectionroads often during this time due to the resourcefulness of Tactilis's enviroment; around the time of Hē̆ven Sǒmer-hall's Amity with Oryctolagus Cunilicus the Rabbit species came into contact with Reptiles for the first time. This was also when the current Reptile Chancellor Friedrich Hoßbach had started to increase relations with the Dog Emperess 沙紅羅(Sakura), the Reptiles had devised a conspiratorial plan to overthrow every empire at once. When Oryctolagus Cunilicus's relations with Hē̆ven Sǒmer-hall's decreased due to over-excavating and slavery, the Reptiles started to lure the Rabbits with many valuable gemstones and ores. The Reptiles started to secretly vitiate the Cat's excavation, many of the members had camoflauge technology that wasn't yet introduced to foreigners giving them a strong advantage against Hē̆ven Sǒmer-hall's Cats. The Cats slowly started to recognize the invasion and had given orders to all nations connected to Hē̆ven Sǒmer-hal to behead any Reptile seen on the crossroads and exchange it for a reward. When the siege took place on Domina Shavalyoth's throne in 2669154.87858 The General of the Anti-Optimates Tristan Reinhard and one of the Dog Empire's Emperor 刑士郎亘 who came personally, both met up as representatives of their nations. In between the fillibustering of the representatives an unknown Rabbit ran directly in between them wielding a Gowdalie sodomizing Domina and subsequently was punished with death.


(They don't disclose how their government works and the citizens don't seem to know much either the only thing they're told is to obey orders)


I can't comment on the culture inside besides it seems very authoritarian, many Reptile accounts describe their experience as torturous compared to the comforts of other nations. Even now there's many Dedos patrolling the outskirts of the World to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens. Reptiles generally don't travel in packs or stay connected to any family, they're seperated at a young age for training whether it be for combat or for traversing past the Tactilis boundary. All Reptiles are multilingual to some degree, they all speak in German with many hisses and slurs. Most commonly they know English since it's the dominant language of the Western-Connection.

Stages of Traversal:

When traversing past the bordered walls, there are 5 Stages of Traversal one inevitably falls prey to. The first stage is nausea, 500 meters past the border originally you would see only Orichalcum ores (since it's "easy" to walk here due to many Reptiles building a resillience, the ores have been slowly mined out of the enviroment causing a economic downfall in 2488392.05303.)
1000 meters past this point is the second stage which brings fibromyalgia, causing harsh nerve pain in the fibers and joints of the body. You will find the occasional giant silver ant, they aren't hostile due to the lack of visitors.
500 meters past this point is when you can potentially die without equipment and resillience, this stage brings crepitation in the joints causing physical damage to the user. You can find gems of all sort, it's called the Citrine passage since the Amethyst crystals turn orange due to the heat treatment. Information on the 4th and 5th stage and how to traverse them is null, it's a secret passed down among reptiles; 4th stage brings certain death and 5th stage brings absolute corrupted death.