Lanstath Cillia


Ohhhh The Author wanted me to write stuff about my world here! She want's Characters to talk about their own worlds from their mouths so umm yeah! This world is a Cillia World, Cillia World's always look awesome theyre super valuable (to me that is)! This one has the properties of Multi-Colored Non-Pattern ground, normally Worlds with patterned ground are viewed as more valuable than Multi-Colored but I wanted to settle for this design despite my father's wishes. The thing is Characters are pretty boring most the time, I think since a lot of people are used to enviroments like this they view it as more um.. "bad".. I love this place though I wouldn't trade noooooooothing but to be here all the time. I am pretty rich so yeah, I got like my own church house sorta thing; it was actually built a whiiiiiiiiile ago before we purchased this land but like, nobody lived in it so now its mine heheehe.

House Description:

I am so lucky to have this house, I'm not an architect so I can't really say what the materials are. My dad said something about like "Ohhh it has such a nice dimarchi stairway with wood shingle slidings on the roof and steep gable" like ughh... That's a lot. I am a collector of virtual-game consoles, I just loooove them so much especially because I get to distract myself with stuff to do off the job. It's got some nice windows I think..? Man I really don't know what to put here umm... hahahahha :)


The first Boss Monster which controlled this World was the Great Cololaguluiluiluigugulau (I have no idea why the scientists decided the name should be this long but they did) I have this drawing they made for me it looks insaaane... Due to how high quality this World is my dad had to get it for a mega big price. The flat plains let me have tons of space to invite friends over and even use some Virtual Reality equipment, or I get Youluro (My friend) to start casting her weird sorceries, one time she made a Golem out of the emerald leaves from my trees I still have him she force me to name him Rocky though suuuuuper original. Oh yeah part of Rocky is that Cololaguluiluiluigugulau's leftover skull, I have a picture of it 'ere n all.. I swear he's cool...
The ocean here feels cold.. Frostbite cold! As far as I know nobody's ever taken a boat and sailed across here, sometimes I feel a little antsy about World borders or hidden Creatures n all but my dad said they aren't actually there and I guess we did buy this for the safety view and all.. I don't fully trust him though I remember seeing a big ol head on a pole circling by and I know it wasn't a hallucination or anything I'm aaaaall healthy.

Clapwype Canyon:

My Personal World is structured sort of like a candy playhouse, it's roughly around the size of an achre of land but it has a massive archway on top which never seems to go away so I call this place Clapwype Canyon.