Oryctolagus Cuniculus Capitol


Oryctolagus Cuniculus is an ancient name which has always been the name of this World, the Zalambdalestids had etched it's name amongst the architecture and various torn pieces of codex. There is an ancient tale known as a part of the Ultimate Atavistic Mythos, discovered in 2703395.48244 upon a stele on the coast of the newly discovered DNE Islands. Foryēvenaunce Consistōrie Al-Nadirah, a golden being was casted away into the DNE Islands as punishment for being a "mutation". An unnamed prince was so enamored by the rumors of a mutated child he sent voyages to re-capture the woman, causing the deaths of hundreds of soldiers due to the nature of the World Borders. The prince never found the lady and had become old, the towns people in fury destroyed the great city of Mertony where the prince had lived. However a late voyage returned to shore with the child wonderously, however the lady was bound to a coffle of other rabbits. The towns people all recognized Al-Nadirah and had execrated the mutated rabbits with such ferocity a God intervened to make a concession. The stele breaks off past this point, but small tidbits of the story in the later portion of the story could be inferred upon with context clues in various Zalambdalestid artifacts. The name Oryctolagus spun off from ὀρυκτός which stood for "dug up" and λαγώς for "big-teeth", from how the Zalambdalestids described the rabbits.


Oryctolagus Cunilicus hit it's "period of social enlightenment" in 2495740.01472 multiple other Worlds most notably the Coloredcat City Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halleh, this period brought about the development of early scripture. The Cats were well regarded amongst the Rabbitfolk yet they rarely visited, when they did they brought exotic trade goods and food; one day the Cats told the rabbits they must form into a government structure one at the leadership of the current King of Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle, Tychodiutus Agathoth. The Rabbitfolk agreed to this for the most part, they had no conception of what rulers or government ruled societies were. Oryctolagus Cunilicus was slowly being excavated by both the Cats and the Rabbitfolk, very early on they found a vast network of cave systems, many with Stalactites that stretched to the void. To this day the cave systems are still being exploited, nobody has ever went to the floor of the caves. In around 2568648.69773 200 years later, the effects of speedy industrialization left many of the Rabbitfolk feeling tired and overworked. The Cats were aware that their reputation was waining with the Rabbitfolk, in a strategic move they introduced Oryctolagus Cunilicus to foreign nations and the Connection-Roads. The Rabbitfolk were one of the few societies up to this point that had 0 recollection of the Connection-Roads, in this time period Ghosts did not populate the roads. Instead the Ancient Capital of Reptiles Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelaine were the main threat and were in a feud with Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle. The other major influential foreign nation was the main trade nation of ADderockenfehrter which had a peaceful neutral influence amongst the entirety of the Western-Connection. The final nation to accompany this Quadrille was the Dog Empire, 獒胎蔵のエピック四世. Oryctolagus Cunilicus was a major exporter of Orichalcum, Marble, Scarletite, Dextroamphetamine, and miscellaneous tourist goods.

In 2659959.69773 250 years later, a conspiracy came to develop; the cause was influence from Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelaine. The Reptiles 2 decades prior were banned from exporting and importing to Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle which had since gained major in the Western-Connection. The reptiles armed the guerilla army Optimatum Spuria Infinita ideologicis Ironia Retooled-Anti-Autarchia to overthrow the current king of the cats. This expedition required the Rabbitfolk to move out of Oryctolagus Cunilicus and into the King's palace inside Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle. The Reptile nation was facing grueling difficulties with the imposed sanctions and trade restrictions which encouraged a hasty operation. It took them 25 years of underground planning, troop gathering, propaganda, finally a sublimation of religion. They called themselves the Anti-Optimates, they believed in the emerging Great Concilliator. A wizard with slight historical significance, it's disputed as to whether or not the wizard was holy but the Great Concilliator existed as a Character albeit unregistered. The Anti-Optimates had stormed into the palace, the current king Domina Shavalyoth was aware of the siege 3 nights prior and had amassed the entire World's militia to the palace. What was unaccounted for was troops from 獒胎蔵のエピック四世, they sent an army that lasted a week's worth of battle; the current Dog Emperor 刑士郎亘 joined the troops and commanded the Anti-Optimates and the Dogs to overthrow the Cat reign. The dust settled when the king and his bodyguards were cornered, the war was over but 刑士郎亘 and the Snake General Tristan Reinhard were at a dispute over who would do in the honors of publically sodomizing the King. Within this argument one of the Rabbitfolk filled with rage charged into the king bluedgeoning him to death with a mace, this Rabbit would go quickly killed entirely nameless. The Dog Emperor had decided to disband his army and withdraw into his kingdom with the Snake Chancellor following along, the Rabbitfolk were to move home with no rulers and poor relations with Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle's allied nations. Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelaine had severed ties with Oryctolagus Cunilicus, all the Cats left leaving a nation clueless on how to operate itself.

Within 100 years in 2696449.47455 the Doctrine of Rabbitkind was established, creating a Constitutional Monarchy. The nation was split between the Anti-Optimates and the Commonfolk, many blaming the revolution for worse conditions some claiming that the modern day was better than the previous; they all needed to live under the same roof. They concluded that there needed to be a pseudo King's family and a regular administration, so that foreign relations could be targeted. The Dog Nation 獒胎蔵のエピック四世 had sent a messenger to the Rabbitfolk and their newly formed government, with the new Bretwalda Aurē̆āt Skirmerīe a official peace treaty was struck between the nations. Hē̆ven Sǒmer-halle also sublimated causing a peace time for the next 230 years until the Dedos wars which had encompassed the entire Western-Connection.


Oryctolagus Cunilicus in it's forming age had no primogeniture, it had a slightly democratic system (with many corrupt moguls ruining it) which granted the citizens the choice of voting for who gets to become Bretwalda. However the Bretwalda had no limitations and could do as they so pleased when it came to laws and even the Capitol's constitution. What became even more muddied was many of the citizens simply thought the Bretwalda was simply in charge of everything, what became an even greater issue was the the Capitol's church The Sveiald Church was able to control the Bretwalda under "religous doctrine". Under the rule of Roien Thrē̆den in 2771788.53056 the guild system along with primogeniture were created. The monarchy is a selected puppet administration that follows the church, many of the citizens don't mind it as the strict schooling of Oryctolagus Cunilicus funnels plenty of propaganda.


The population of Oryctolagus Cunilicus is a majority Rabbits, I think the ratio is around 70% Rabbit to 30% foreigner. From what I know there's a lot of bad blood with excavators and tourists who want nothing more but to steal precious Zalambdalestid artifacts, in order to mitigate this the quaesitors had decided that the most logical solution to this was to split the society into guilds. They argued that if children were raised from the ground up to work in a specific field society as a whole would benefit. This lead to the creation of a deterrence guild which the population worships equiposed with the Monarchy. What came along was a society that essentially had a fully realized conception of what death was due to the executor job that came along with the guild, and along with that executor job many and various forms of torture. Society in Oryctolagus Cunilicus became much less barbaric as there were rituals to introduce all children to the execution stand to maybe partake in abacination, bastinado, estrapading, keelhauling, scaphism, mancuerda and so on but never any type of custodial rape it goes against their core tenents; only reserved for adults. One other facet of culture is the Shipwrights' Guild, Rabbits love boating it was always a core part of their World's structure as many fish creatures provided large sums of meat, this was one of the large reasons as to why so many different World societies had wanted to strike dealings with the Capitol including Stahlskelett. The last core Guild is the Excavator's guild, which branched out to tackle infrastructure and architecture as well. Many of the great Rabbit philosphers came from this guild most likely stemming from the fact that they generally have a expansive list of vocabulary and knowledge of artistry. The largest foreigner population belongs to 20% Reptiles and 9% Cats, Rabbitfolk used to be a little bigoted so many Reptile and Cat families were lightly directed (shot down to poverty with no chance of financial freedom) to toil in the harder guilds such as the Coalminer's Guild and the Marine Infrastructure Guild. All children are made sure to be taught how to respect one and the other even by the parents, the Monarchy knows that if there were to be any true visible animosity to the foreigners there would be chaos and less function in the society.

The kingdom has been in a bit of a struggle for these past couple of years, as technology progresses and more citizens become aware of other cultures ideas and the such, and as the population's wealth became unequally distributed the citizens began to split. The Anti-Optimates are viewed as extremists but they still reluctantly work for the future.