Worlds are divided into 4 categories Wild-Worlds, Pocket-Worlds, Corrupted-Worlds and Regular-Worlds.

Wild-Worlds are unclaimed worlds which dot around the Connection-Roads, most Wild Worlds have succumbed to the progress of character-kind.

Pocket-Worlds are smaller room sized worlds that represent a character's self, when two characters connect they are able to occupy the space of a Pocket-World as long as both are conscious they can leave.

Corrupted-Worlds are terrifying abyssal malformed versions of Regular-Worlds normally occuring when a dead character claims a world without any patrons. They are so dangerous you can potentially die instantly venturing inside them, or suffer an even worse fate. We have very limited images of what the insides of these Corrupted-Worlds look like and it's not pretty.

Regular-Worlds are worlds that are claimed by a character, most characters reside in Regular-Worlds as either ownership or renting. Sometimes if not tended to for too long these worlds transform slowly into a Corrupted one. 75% of the Western-Connection is Regular-Worlds.