DataCenters is what we call the two halves of the Full Connection. From the dawn of the Full Connection (PLACEHOLDER TIME PERIOD HERE) The entirety of the Full Connection was just One DataCenter. The remnants from this time have been long since lost or corrupted. When the Full Connection had split (PLACE HOLDER TIME PERIOD HERE) the Eastern Connection had been populated by Worlds, and for each World it was either controlled by a Creature, a Non Specific Entity(Disputed), and Proto-Characters (Examples being the ORYCTOLAGUS ANCESTOR PLACE HOLDER NAME ERE). The concept of Worlds being populated by Creatures has been sort of antiquated as many Worlds have been conquered.


In incredibly rare hostile or either insecure Worlds the Creatures that own these worlds are known as Boss Monsters. Boss Monsters are highly intelligent, highly powerful and incredibly ferocious. The Dedos World for instance while the Dedos label themselves Characters they are categorically Creatures including the main leader of the primary Dedos Base (I DONT KNOW WHAT TO MAKE OF DEDOS LANGUAGE NAMES MAYBE TECH STUFF PLS WORK ON THIS PAGE AT HOME!!) It takes whole armies to defeat Boss Monsters but due to the language and unity that Characters share amongst eachother they are able to reclaim Worlds.

Seperate Datacenters:

Theoretically there are tertiary Datacenters as calculated by seperate astronomers.