PersonalWorld Details

How do they work?:

PersonalWorlds come native to every character since conception but not all PersonalWorlds are the same size or pattern. When a Character wants to go inside their PersonalWorld it's simply a matter of focusing one's energy into their inner eye. Our ability to go inside these PersonalWorlds is only a matter of magic which is a undefinable property, scientists say it's some form of Connection-Gas described as "Dropleton-ish". The theory is that there are constant connection particles that flow through the pores of every atom of matter as a sort of "electron fog", this is also what supposedly allows characters to link PersonalWorlds.

PersonalWorlds are always subject to change, in fact it's always best if you keep yourself as mentally healthy as possible because we are all subject to it's whims. Our dreams always take place in the PersonalWorlds and these dreams sometimes give revealing info about the Datacenter we live in. There are many accounts of Characters having a dream in their PersonalWorld linking to another's PersonalWorld through happenstance and being given incredibly revealing info about the other's thoughts which is also why being in a secure enviroment matters.

PersonalWorld Dangers:

Unwelcome thoughts always perpetrate through the PersonalWorld if they're not handled correctly, this is one of the largest issues if not the largest issue in the Western Connection. Throughout all of time Characters are subject to madness easily if their circumstances are dire, if a Character is violent then their PersonalWorld is reflective of that. While Characters with easy lives have a much more organized and sometimes inviting PersonalWorld; other Characters would ignore their mental issues and let it fester almost unconcious that it exists in their PersonalWorld. The worst this can cause is Corruption, characterized as a sort of infestation of bugs or long ropey black creatures. This will make the Character slowly devolve into a catacalysmically unrecoverable state of madness, in periods of great turmoil and war this happened often but sometimes it just happens to seemingly happy and healthy Characters.

PersonalWorld Linking:

To link PersonalWorlds you need to concentrate your energy with your partner and in doing so both PersonalWorlds will combine into one. The Paw-Pad has allowed the process of including items in this energy linking creating one of the most secure ways to store information. Linking PersonalWorlds can be incredibly dangerous with the wrong Character, the easiest way to take someone's information or belongings is to get into the secure areas of their PersonalWorld and this extends to Dream Linking.

PersonalWorld Belongings:

Before the Paw-Pad in order to store your real world belongings in your PersonalWorld you would have to require a Enchanter to perform this practice. This required a lengthy process of gathering valuable ores and chemicals to transmogrify your belongings into the PersonalWorld and generally required an either incredibly hardworking Character or a rich Character to accomplish. This exclusivity and valuableness of being able to fortify your PersonalWorld and make valuable items nearly impossible to retrieve made World placements and civilizations incredibly dependent on certain regions. Some items even enhanced a Character outside the PersonalWorld and these enhancements are so rare they're seen as godlike to most Characters.