The Paw-Pad


Before the Paw-Pad was developed the main missing function prior to updates, or the function that was sought out the most in the Western-Connection was the ability to interact with a substance at the time called "Connection-Fluid" appropiated to the current day as "Supercritical-Connection-Fluid". In the Connection-Roads onced rubbed upon a type of rock it transported the user into a space in-between space titled "Worlds". These Worlds each contain a duplicate of the rock that was interacted with, this was discovered very early on in Character existence [Some cultures still survived in the Connection-Roads, these cultures are all but extinct in the current day] the only way to leave these Worlds were to interact with the same rock eith the same substance. The issue was that once entering many Worlds, the conditions were't necessary to have the Connection-Fluid stay in a consistent state of "Supercriticality". This Supercritical nature was in-between a gas and a liquid, so one of the major evolutionary hurdles Characters needed to climb over was transporting and preserving the Connection-Fluid in which the Paw-Pad was concieved.

The first model of the Paw-Pad was known as the "001_Jar_Button", developed in 2487686.05084 by a Character registered as "Gomodred" it's sole purpose was to contain the fluid in a jar and spit out just enough of it to make the transport back into the Connection-Roads. The second model was created in 2776958.05084 the the Messenger feature was created, this feature took advantage of Connection-Roads' electromagnetic air property to send and recieve contacts and messages. Models since the first two were commercialized to serve multitudinous functions, most notable additions were the Bank Storage in 2817134.05084, the Forum-Boards in 2816769.33333, the Indexer in 2821213.34861, and the Material-Property-Searcher in 2827769.79719

Usage and History:

The current Paw-Pad model functions primarily as a Black-Box Connector, Bank Storage, Contact Creator, and Messenger.
When the Dedos was established, they had co-opted and replaced all the designs to be intergrated into the Autarch's supervision. Before the Dedos had been able to intercept the Paw-Pad the landscape allowed for a Character to simply appear in a World and commit endless atrocities only to visit the next World over with little to no accountability. Whilst the changes were being made protests, counter-militias, and chaos erupted; only to be met with a worse sort of barbarism. The punishment for these revolts was for the Dedos to establish a Character database system encapsulating the entirety of the Western-Connection onto a list of names, this became the inspiration for the creation of Forums.


The Paw-Pad contains:
9.6 inch reflective super-twisted nematic (STN) liquid-crystal display (LCD)
59.727500569606 Hz
64 KB address space including:
8 KB of built-in working RAM
Up to sixteen 8 KB switchable working RAM pages for a maximum of 128 KB of external RAM
8 KB RAM for LCD display
32 KB external battery, of which 16 KB is switchable
2 pulse wave generators, 1 PCM 4-bit wave sample (64 4-bit samples played in 1×64 bank or 2×32 bank) channel, 1 noise generator, and one audio input from the cartridge.[40] The unit has only one speaker, however the headphone port outputs stereo sound.