The Paw-Pad


Red-Flashlights follow the main property of "Anti-Connection" which takes on various forms. Heat, Redlight, and rare types of blackrock when in contact with an object of supercriticality or connection highlight wavelengths that normal eyes cannot see. This has been used from technology like xrays to certain bombs. The originator of the study of Anti-Connectology all began with a single flashlight however, one day a Character by the name of "Eutaryoken" in 22702693.63052 had discovered the properties of Anti-Connection in an attempt to cover the up evidence from the fact he just murdered someone. When investigators surveyed his house they saw a faint mosaic smoke coming from behind a couch, only to find the body of his wife after he went mad attempting to discover an unrelated stele's cryptography. He was so mad that he thought he could fool the police with a single flashlight pointed towards the body in a fully lit room.


When Eutaryoken was sent into prison, his arch-nemesis "Dannyx" whom is still alive today had dedicated his entire life to cryptography and archaeology until the evening after the arrest. Where his hellbent nature at trying to make Eutaryoken angry got sent into overdrive. Dannyx immediately directed his funding into the now partial SOE "Wendigo's Collomory" which now is a tech-firm that's purpose is to study the nature of Redlight-Interference. Dannyx's slogan is famously "Kill yourself Eutaryoken I'm famous you're in gaol forever." Eutaryoken is also still alive in prison. The Red-Flashlight was then created on the date 2704763.62572 Dannyx then challenged Eutaryoken to a duel as he felt unsatisfied with his business.