Character Details


Traversing the Connection-Roads was the original living space of most Characters. While the Connection-Roads may be hostile currentday, the Creature Worlds were even harsher and harder to connect in to the past. There is no ground to mine under in these lands, you would only get concentrated forms of Connection-Fluid. In the lakes however various different ores can be found, in many cultures expeditions to extract these ores are taught to young Characters. The reason is if a Character finds a Connection-Node that they can't connect to generally it requires an ore to store within the Paw-Pad to connect. Some Worlds are even permanetly locked behind these ore restrictions!


The primary threat in the current Connection-Roads are known as Ghosts, only the Dedos can eradicate these beings. These Ghosts can kill Characters almost instataneously causing a corruption-esq effect (it is not fun at all). However there are paved paths that function as a sort of gravel, the material that wards off these Ghosts is known as Connection-Salt (However it is generally just enchanted regular salt) only Characters affluent with sorcery can carry this salt due to it's acidic properties. Besides the Ghosts there are strange biota that don't resemble the Creatures in Worlds, while the concept seems a little confusing it is because we generally have categories for zoology. However these Creatures are entirely alien and randomized in appearance, you can sometimes find some really valuable material in them but be aware they are a mixed bag of hostility.