The reason cats are so varied across the genus, is a sad example of cacogenesis some cats are just physically and mentally stronger than other cats. But the traits aren't entirely equiposed between Wildcats and Coloredcats. Wildcats have underwent far fewer lineages to get to where they are, it's a genetic nepotism in which if your parents happen to be a cheetah or a leopard then it's like your whole life is set. Wildcat patterns despite being illegal are incredibly valuable in black markets not that I would know any *wink* Wildcats do get skinned in the current day mostly from extremist clans. Other animal races were never this self-injurious the Cats argued that the reason they hated eachother, was due to the fact that it was genetically encoded in their brains to be incompatible with eachother. Most scientists and me included disagree with this notion, there are definitely Wildcats that have had Coloredcats as friends albeit I don't see it very often at all.


Coloredcats come in a spectrum, many different sizes and patterns and coats but they all share a single distinction. That they don't have anything in common, the animosity between Coloredcats almost seems like some sort of latently genetic trait. While most Characters seem to have some degree of self control it's almost like Coloredcats have tics resulting from brain damage, however Coloredcats as neurotic as some of them can be have historically proven to be out of the box thinkers. The Great Character Damnius Yoltraxirian in 2762126.06493 famously published "The Theory of Atmosphere and the Bits in between" which has served the basis of our reality as we see it. Some say religion died after that day, If only. Coloredcats don't share any sort of resentment towards Wildcats anymore they seem to almost work better with eachother than they do with their Consanguineous friends.

The Cat Skinning Crysis:

In 2498191.02976 and 2803286.33333 a difference of 836 years, both events led to several years of needless prosecution. Whilst the first event is archaic history we're aware of it's existence due to several artworks and skin artwork. These skin artworks are most notable since they come in brocades, paduasoy, surtouts,cymars even smocks (yuck); it's a little disturbing but due to the Coloredcat's status they decided it was best to host these artworks and apparel in the Grand Pinakothek. This was what caused the second skinning crysis there were Wildcat activists protesting against the artworks notably causing property damage in retalliation. The Coloredcats took great offense to this but it was mostly illegal to interfere and the government prevented them from pursuing action legally, which is what created the notorious CCC(Coloredcat's Clan) a still prevalent underground cultist group who's goal is to preserve superiority over Wildcats. On the day of 2803286.33333 known as (Twilit Vainglorious Nigrescent) named after the rotting corpses that littered and stained the streets of Lawliet Lawlania, for years Cats had to walk over scraps of black flesh the stench made a lot of the extremists unhappy in the way that they wished they did a more proficient wiping of the Wildcats. Most Wildcats fled to Stahlskelett-Zitadelle der Tschatelaine in which the rats and snakes(at this time the other reptiles were exiled) to gather the smartest Wildcat scientists and the hardest workers to create the Dedos project. Many Characters blame the Wildcats still for furthering the upcoming crysis of the Dedos, in the coming 20 years the Dedos would have already been developed to the point where they controlled vast swathes of the Western-Connection in 2810725.41808. Today Wildcats are still disliked by many ignorant Coloredcats and other species but they aren't skinned anymore, most notably the Dedos are much kinder towards Stahlskelett origin citizens.