Blackrock is a Hyphohyaline/Holohyaline, Digitonic mystery rock which is found as the naturally occuring centerpoint of every World. Very rarely are blackrocks seen outside of the ground because when they're pulled out it causes the destructive corruption to tear the World apart. Many ancient world relics such as weapons or pottery used this rock to utilize it's mystical properties, one of the great wonders or rumors of the world is there is an entire world composed fully of blackrock.

How does it Work?

The blackrock unlike other rocks or unlike most matter, disobeys the property o energy density scales with the inverse cube of the scale factor, i.e., ρ ∝ a−3. The energy of the cosmic background radiation has been halved (because the wavelength of each photon has doubled);] the energy of ultra-relativistic particles, such as early-era standard-model neutrinos, is similarly halved. The crystalline strucure follows something along the lines of x3+y3+z3=k where k=the amount of formations a repeating set of 8 atoms form at any given moment. So we are given a hypothetical object that's fully graspable and barely explainable, Electronologists say 80% of existence is somehow comprised of this rock? I'm not entirely sure how it works

Blackrock World:

An excerpt from the ancient text of "Eulyxiy_uUUii"
"The grand N####pilis an echopraxia of fuligin structures, imposing itself across the distance like a sore reminder of the figures that lay past a null-brain's vision.
The universe is to bloom and to flower and die, yet the fuligin structures deny the case from being such; a reminder of the unnaturalness there lay no sun to rot the body.
The brightness is so great it could encapsulate the world, yet all that remains sooty and black perpetuates it so. My body seems to have no place here so I am not
here; till suddenly... the nigrescent twilight,Thothtodlana, noise and spectral sand.