Character Details

Name: Yumen Baget
Birth Date 2471276 .60619
Height 5 9
Worlds Blue-Bird Small Island n/a
Favorite Color Magenta Orange
Favorite Object Silver-Engraved-Boomshooter Large Diamond Cabochon


Yumen is a friend of Naxitari, despite me assuming he was a gruff scary thieving criminal he proved me wrong. Definitely a malodorous sort his fur was almost more pronounced with dirt like it meshed into his pattern. I think it was cool nonetheless he showed me around Naxitari's apartment in turn letting me have some perspective into the thieving life style. Yumen is shameless and revels in the act of thievery to the point where he let me have is real name and age which isn't common, you can get in real easy trouble with the Dedos but I guess it must be a part of his brand. Part of the reason I took on this adventuring cataloging job was to have this nomadic lifestlye one where I controlled my destiny and in a sense I do, but there must be some sort of exhiliration behind the unfettered radical action an active thief would take. He's shown me a portion of his stache there were full on geld chalices, coins, assortments of bijoux.


Author: To preface this conversation, I'm an adventurer and I wish to catalogue all the interesting sites and Characters I meet. Thank you for housing Naxitari and showing me so much of your life style most Characters are shy about these sorts of things.
Yumen: It is my pleasure, it's always my pleasure. It's such a delight to show off my trove!!!
Author: Why don't you just sell all this? The two of you live in a dodgy apartment in a dodgy World what gives?
Yumen: Valuable metals and gems aren't worth much here not in this World nonono...! It's so terrible those beaurocrats !*bureaucrats* but basically yeah, this is the part where Dedos escapees come to make a living. A really shitty living y'know since there's like gang wars here, the goods don't sell the best or for the highest. Doesn't stop me from being the best damn thief here it's just the demand is so shit..
Author: I'm a little curious, are there mines here or do people just come here carrying a lot of jewelry?
Yumen: This spot is built on top a necropolis, not a well known secret.
Author: So you do just mine for goods in there? What's it like exactly...
Yumen: There are excavation teams that try to extract as much from the necropolis as they can, that place is fucked though. Sometimes I feel we're fucked, it's like this world's floor is hollow. I step in there a couple times a year, I do my best to intercept whichever shipments I see. None of use residents got the ability to actually dig in there though, there's these reanimated Characters of some sort? They look like zombies but I wouldn't know how a resurrected Character even works.
Author: I've never heard of this either, what did they look like in specifics? Where'd you see them?
Yumen: I saw them around the second flight of bone stairs, it's all dark blue and skeletal here. They look like skeletons but they have this this.. this sorta fungus like or organic like indentations like a strawberry would. They walk slowly but there's many tales of how they can't be killed and how their grip can snap a bone.
Author: Part of me really wants to go, how's the mortality rate?
Yumen: Excavators always make it out alive, I think they have some sort of specific tool or gimmick to them. But when we send gang expeditions and I've been too one or two of them, quickly got to knowing it was a bad idea.. You see the necropolis wasn't always known here, but this world was always a insecure-world. It was famous for being a ghost-town and for a few generations it slowly became populated, the Character that owned this World definitely died long ago. This World's current owners are known but it's all a confusing jumble of other Worlds and Characters and all that, some of the gang knows about it here. I think the worst that's happened was the last expedition I was in about 5 years ago when I was at a ripe age, we ventured downwards and downwards. We found out torches kept us safe, so many rows of metal bones as we descended each layer it was like the cavity grew larger and larger. I'm not sure how many floors we made it down there, maybe 15 at this level we swam through a layer of black tar and into a smaller cave. I saw it with my other friends it was a large large spindly beast so incomprehensibly gargantuan. The room was illuminated as if to greet us with horror, the face was just a weaving of strange blue eyes I'm not sure if the creature even moved but we ran out as fast as we could; it was the best decision we could have made we started to realize as we ascended the floors there were swarms of those zombies. We didn't lose anyone that day but we could have lost the entire party I can't stress it enough, there was a whole team of us out there that day I can't stress the dread from there.
Author: But you still go down there despite all that, to return to the hobby of pillaging those excavators.
Yumen: It's myyy honor to do so yes indeed it is my honor yes! I try to think about what this all mans at night sometimes you know.
Author: I was going to ask, tell me how your thoughts are what do you think about?
Yumen: With the zombies those ungodly ungodly things, I just think that maybe what we call realism is just a coping mechanism to suck it up to the beaurocrats. We're not really all on the same page when we try to think realistically or think morally we don't have the same experiences, those folk who come in here to buy our shit at such a low price. I know why they do it, I know why we come in that cave to risk our lives it's the realistic thing to do. It's not a good thing to do not in their eyes, to ours it is so are we evil for pursuing or are they for assuming the position of authority? What assigned it.. what assigned it if you know what I mean why are they there why are we here, I'm losing track there's a morsel of truth that I know we're all maybe half aware of I guess I guess..
Author: Thank you for this conversation, it was great.
Yumen: Please, please come back again it wass great! I have many more tales to speak of..