Character Details

Name: Starkiller n/a
Birth Date n/a .n/a
Height 6 2
Worlds Convex Orchard n/a n/a
Favorite Color Blood Red Sky Blue
Favorite Object Boom Cannon Portable Camera


Starkiller is a renowned hunter of the Western-Connection, a zoologist at heart she makes sure to jot down in her little book the many creatures that roam the Western-Connection. She specializes primarily in World-Creatures, solo expeditionists of the Connection-Roads generally require a full team as opposed to a single hunter. Despite this she has multiple accomplishments and records from the Connection-Roads. I stumbled upon her while walking into the World "Hyperdelic-Happy-Garden", I came to make sketches of the scenery and creatures. When I saw her I knew I needed an interview, speaking with a legend is big business. The World itself was very niche as well, tucked away into a portion of the Connection-Roads that led into a narrow cave. I didn't expect to see anyone venturing here, but of course she would want to come to a place like this hidden far off from the commonfolk. Animals have always been a light passion of mine, I'm just so excited to see what she has in her book.


Author: Hello!!!! It's wonderful meeting you here I just couldn't help but ask for an interview. I'm a traveller and I simply wish to document as much of the Western-Connection as I physically can! Aghhh this is just so wonderful.
Starkiller:I'm shocked to see a fan here as well, normally if I'd come across anyone in a place like this it would be a competitor out to steal my catch.
Author: If stealing your catches mean recording creatures than I got you covered on that front ehe. So tell me what are you looking for here?
Starkiller: This is a Cillia world through and through, not average Cillia variation though. There are rumours of a King-Diatrymae, Diatrymae are insanely rare to come by to begin with. Let me tell you throughout my whole lived experience I have only seen 3 of them none of them being Kings. Something better about this creature is that they have a tiny hydrargyrum pearl that forms inside their brains the likes of which is never seen on other creatures. These hydrargyrum pearls fetch a massive price, not to mention the fame attributed to it.
Author: Have you seen it yet? I think I spotted a few Diatrymae roaming around the scenery...
Starkiller: Definitely not, those things have a death call that will ring your ears if you get to close just warning ya'. I'm going to be camping here for a few cycles, I have enough food to feed a family for a week so I'm not worried about who's going to out-wait the other I can wait a whole damn year if it gets bad enough. In fact I did wait a whole damn year I sat my ass in Gotromonic Plains to find a rumor, which led me to document the species the Hyper-Dromedary. Skinning that beast was a lifetime's worth of pleasures, inside those humps were geld I tell ya'.
Author: Did you ever publish or share your journal? I never seen any copies of it in any stores or libraries trust me I've looked.
Starkiller: Yeeep I trust you I didn't publish for shit, not yet at least it's in my will. When I die I'm going to self publish as a fuck you to big corp of course and everyone's gonna see my deep shameful secrets and my DEEP honorous victories. I tell ya' there ain't many animals I didn't show but the ones that weren't shown for the public are a real shocker.
Author: How much of a shocker?
Starkiller: Void-like beings I tell ya, and I didn't find them through ordinary means. I Know you're tiny compared to the paparazzi so let me put it this way, in Corrupted-Worlds you will see the nastiest of beings. They aren't random I could point out distinct repeating features across many different Corrupted-Worlds. It's like they'resome sort of malignant army of creatures, one in formation. The only animal from those places the public knows about are Void-Worms but trust me there are ALL sorts of creatures.
Author: How do you venture into one of those Corrupted-Worlds? I could never venture myself because of the dangers instant death and corruption could pose.
Starkiller: It's a secret, I don't wanna tell nobody yet not until I die of course. I have my ways y'know and sometimes it's best I don't just send people to their deaths like that. Author: I see, well I was wondering what your view on life was?
Starkiller: I never look back, sometimes I drink if I do. Drinking isn't a bad thing everyone needs some sort of opiate it's in our nature, that's what I think. It may sound off it's not eternal or anything but it works it always does.
Author: Thank you, it's been an honor Starkiller.