Character Details

Name: Níðgæst Cunyngarth Age
Birth Date 2837587 .00847 21
Height 5 4
Worlds Clapwype Canyon Lanstath Cillia n/a
Favorite Color Smaragdine Spindrift
Favorite Object Game-Pad (Apparently the newest model!) Lewd Object


Níðgæst is an interesting sort, he's one of my best friends and since High-School we've been close together. He gets very excited over engineering I remember one time when we were at a science fair he showcased this device that would play this virtual-game ontop the polygons inside the device.. It's incredibly weird you would have to see it to actually understand it too bad I don't have much expertise on engineering in general, which is what I guess Níðgæst fills in the gaps for. He's created some fun tools for me to use such as this Spark-Infused Entrenching-Tool, which is this spade that when you strike it with a tough rock it sends out a enormous amount of sparks. This is really good for Cillia enviroments where the ground is near impenetrable from normal means without an excess amount of heat; he isn't necessarily the most productive sort however.. He spends a lot of his time playing virtual-games in his World (which is incredibly pretty mind you). He had this bout of depression around a couple months ago after his mom died whilst traveling the Connection-Roads, this gave him a intense paranoia when traveling those paths so he's incredibly reserved to his World and Pocket-World. Despite all this he remains incredibly cheery if not a little on edge some times.

The most notable part of his appearance is his horns, jackalopes are a result of cacogenic breeding a sort of mutation that is brought on from bad decision making. He is average height for a rabbit and often cheerfully smiles. I envy his hair a little bit, it's not really white nor a mixture of colors with white it's this sort of... lūculent appearance like a bizarre opaque magnesite with diminutive hints of cyan and magenta.


Níðgæst: Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Author: Hey, thank you for coming here.
Níðgæst: Of course! I'm so excited....!!!
Author: Awfully glad to hear that, so hows your life been progressing?
Níðgæst: Humu progress progress... Ehmmmm well, if you count having fun and tending to my Cillia then yeah it's been progressing good! So far we managed to get the Peridot Trees to bloom, did you ever look at the sun through their leaves? The colors are soooooooooo pretty..!
Author: Oh absolutely, it's such an amazing type of olivine, that idiochromatic olive refracting upon the corium... So pretty, so I will make a bit of a segway here since this is first interview on this site what would you say represents your culture?

Níðgæst: My culture!! Well first off I'm a rabbit and I come from the Vienna quarter of the Oryctolagus Cuniculus Capitol! To explain a little bit of what that is, Viennas area majority white and the Oryctolagus Cuniculus Capitol is where most of the Western-Connection rabbit population resides in. The city isn't necessarily the most up to date when it comes to technology, we have frequent creature issues... However the architecture is gigantic, it isn't even what rabbits are capable of many of us are very soft. The characters that built the city were of a long extinct species. The species was called Zalambdalestids and they followed a religion called "Airish Bēstes Demisman" which I believe stands for "Judge of Airy Sprites" don't quote me on that though.. The race has been so long dead we barely have any records of them besides a few tablets and markings. I personally follow Cypress ZYism, I guess to describe the religion in a short way is that we believe that all matter is meaningful even waste. Wattle and daub for instance is an ancient rural method of constructing houses through using mud, twigs, cattle urine, and feces.
Author: I'm going to interject a bit this is all interesting but, that sounds a little gross what was the purpose of such weird brutish methods when your society already had pre-constructed housing and churches? What even sparked this religion and why exactly?
Níðgæst: Ahahaha well it's mostly rural Orthodox rabbits that do that.. I know my cousins lived in one of those houses, the main purpose of such housing was that it prevents mosquitos and ghosts from penetrating the house. Sort of a mixture of the scent and aura I guess, but in the Connection-Roads it's incredibly useful. The reason most characters prefer not to live in the Connection-Roads is probably because they find it a bit gross. On the other side however we have a lot of wealth in our city, it is a bit imbalanced I know there's a bit of a homeless population. I was born and raised with a silver spoon in my mouth though, so I don't worry much about it.

Author: So just asking a little bit here, what would you wish for? It can be anything.
Níðgæst:Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Ummm I guess I wish I could stay hanging out with my friends forever. No aging no responsibilities just a lot of fun! I kinda hate my job it's a little boring, I work as a banker for my dad and it's just such a snooze fest. That and the angry customers and the crazy conspiracy nuts, you know they just came up with a slur for us? They like to call us "Droddles" and it sounds sooooo dumb... Like I'm not offended I'm just annoyed a bit ahahaha.

Author: That must be horrendously frustrating, I know what you mean when you talk about people judging you based off appearance. Not just visually but culturally as well, so tell me what would you say is your outlook on life?
Níðgæst: My outlook on life.... I guess everything is kind of awesome to me in a sense. You know even in the bad aspects of this world or dumb aspects hmm... Sorry let me put it this way, there's a lot of dumb decisions that get made. There is a lot of tragedy and suffering in this world, but it all sort of happens in a sequence you know.. Like umm hmm sorry I'm not used to this sort of discussion..
Author: Don't worry about it you're doing great.
Níðgæst: Right right, so I guess what I'm trying to say is that for every occurance that happens in life.. It's only there because of the preceding occurance before it, so you can't really say something is truly awful. There's a lot of subjectivity in how we handle things, and I like to handle my subjectivity through the lens of everything being awesome! Y'know as a part-time engineer I make a lot of mistakes. Like one time I accidentally used the wrong type of oil and nearly ruined a huge chunk of my Cillia World with the huge explosion that came from it. It wasn't really a dumb mistake of getting the wrong oil, maybe the mistake was me wanting to make that boomstick in the first place or maybe because I was an engineer and therefor had lived through the many hopes and dreams a engineer has. Greater than that like umm maybe the mistake was me being born because I was always destined to become a engineer and then to fall in that exact scenario where the wrong oil causes a giant napalm-esq torching of the landscape. I guess that's my philosphy ahaha sorry if it was kind of scatter brained.

Author: Well thank you so much for this interview, you've been a great guest. Níðgæst: Yeahh!!! Sorry if I was running on and on here I might've been a bit talkative.
Author: Don't worry about it, you've been great.