Character Details

Name: Naxitari Nyarlatek
Birth Date 2838483 .00214
Height 5 5
Worlds Sky Room
Favorite Color Bubblegum Pink Lime-Green
Favorite Object Childhood Paintbrush Figurine of Barmethew the Great


This cat is a little more special than most others I think I will interview from here on out. Naxitari is a famously convicted felon responsible for unleashing the loricate kaleidoscope worm; since the disaster in around 2843961.75424 the Dedos have supposedly taken care of it. From the small pictures and snippets I see of the worm it seems incredibly imposing, some other anomalies that beget from the worm will be detailed in the interview below. Besides that Naxitari currently is a sojourn in a Insecure-World free from Dedos influence, I can't give details of the world but I'd be happy to show some scenery. Naxitari smells a little fusty, but her fur has this wonderful glow to it! She doesn't have much in terms of apparel but I made sure to give her some games to play with Níðgæst she seemed bored and I think they are both having fun! She seems to be a bit insouciance towards the situation she's in which is nice. She's less of a gamer and more into table top games from what I could tell, doesn't seem to partake in substantive literature besides stories about strange species duking it out for territory and drama and the such. She amassed a large collection of painted figures.


Author: Whew it's nice meeting you I'm excited for this conversation.
Naxitari: Oh yeah, :> can I talk about how I feel?
Author: O-oh yeah of course.
Naxitari: Right, so it's been incredibly incredibly boring sitting around this room you know. Occasionally I wonder about venturing outside of ###### but I managed to get pretty friendly with the locals I think. Thank you for the PC by the way it's been pretty fun to tinker with! It may be a little old but that doesn't stop me, there's countless old games that I could probably spend my whole life trying to work on.
Author: Oh I'm so glad you liked it, it was the least I could do.
Naxitari: Yeah, you can't really get brouzouf easily in a Insecure-World, many strangers that walk this place don't carry anything on them. Not saying I'm a thief just saying it's hard to find much with your own resources there isn't like jobs or anything..I do work as a slavey kinda though to this kind dog!
Author: Right, interesting. Well I was going to say, how did you make that worm?
Naxitari: yeesh I don't have much good memories with that project it was a huge mistake... So what kind of happened was that I originally was making this art project with came glaswork, I collected it from broken churches and at the time I didn't really believe in all that stuff. So when I started putting together the worm with the shards I started hearing a entity who called itself a Khaibit but an Agathodaemon; which I came to find out was a lie they tried to steal my body! By the time I was figuring out the deceit i became fully controlled, and when I woke up the worst migraine hit me and I was lost in the connection roads with NO Paw-Pad. I desperately searched for somecharacter, almost getting killed by a ghost by that point I managed to hitchhike somecharacter's Paw-Pad.
Author: Wow that sounds terrifying, how did the Dedos not find you?
Naxitari: I think luck a lot of luck. When I came to a place called Oryctolagus Cuniculus Capitol, everyone seemed to know me and wanted to gut me! Huu those people were barbarians, I couldn't even get past the barbican it's like they were prepared to find me even the Character I hitchhiked with was a rabbit! Next thing I know my head is on a wanted poster for 3000 geld!!!!!!!!
Author: That's so harsh I give my condolences, so how did you even make it here?
Naxitari: Well I ran away as soon as I could, it's like I was about to trip every second the adrenaline was harsh! Until I saw this rugged looking rat and he guided me towards ######, when I first made it here everyone hated my guts and gave me the stink-eye. There was a few times where I was robbed or some sort of shooting broke out but I started to realize stockpiling food and toys to occupy myself with was the way to go, and now I have video games and programs to mess with I'll be living a life o' Riley!
Author: Cute, what are your views on life? What do you think about?
Naxitari: Hmmm, I think Characters are made stronger from their broken experiences. Like you get broken and that wound heals stronger, like our bones are a type of metal so we're kind of like adaptable robots in a sense I think.. You know because of the skeleton part and the brain, I read in my books about holy experiences and wars and all that. I love to see Characters exercise their courage, under pressure its an act of grace to let go of your thoughts and let the unconciousness control you.
Author: What are you reading exactly? I was going to cut but I would like to know.
Naxitari: OOoooh it's this book series called Warbalk, it's about Humans Orcs and Elves and stuff! It's really hard to summarize but it's sort of analogous to the real world! Whenever I try to do menial tasks Since I am a slavey I like to imagine there's something greater, something more spiritual and graceful in that mote of action.
Author: Cute, thank you for speaking with me this was very insightful.
Naxitari: No worries, It was nice talking to you. I'm sure if you speak with my friend you might find something interesting in there too!
Author: Will do, thank you.