Character Details

Name: ナミダ n/a
Birth Date n/a n/a
Height 5 3
Worlds Collections of Things Untitled_Quarters n/a
Favorite Color 洒落柿 (Stylish persimmon ) 柳煤竹 (Sooty willow bamboo )
Favorite Object Golden Samophlange Perpetual Energy Sculpture


Namida is another childhood friend of mine but not one I necessarily knew for a while, I still had her contact and was able to reach her due to my interest in the Anti-Dedos Militia. She didn't have good grades during school, Namida was always the type to make snide remarks she has a tendency to beinimical. She's multilingual and is great at engineering, she gave me an assortment of strange gadgets and gizmos after we parted from this interview many of them being fun little toys. This was written next to the Chie article, to have a reminder she gave me a incredibly useful translation device for Japanese speakers.Her athleticism can't be understated as a Wildcat her movements while less refined from Coloredcats are filled with a intense vigor only the muscles of a Wildcat could bolster, she makes a perfect fit for the guerilla I heard she was a pursuivant for the condottiere a honorable and onerous position to be sure.


Author: I'm glad we got in touch again, the situation back here is pretty rough from what I could gather.
ナミダ: Beyond rough, but it doesn't matter. We suffered wayy less losses than the Dedos did today, but I guess that doesn't really matter retrospectively the Dedos overwhelms us in numbers by spades.
Author: The Anti-Dedos Militia has had a pretty lengthy track record of attacks on large institutions. What's the process behind these if there is one, how and why is this organization able to survive when the Dedos embodies an almost herculean threat?
ナミダ: Our main purpose is to find some way to break or overwhelm the main Dedos system, they're all a bunch of strange robot things which seem to endlessly multiply. So the main question is who is churning out these robots, who is adding revisions to the robots, and who is actively repairing the robots. I discovered through cracking a Dedos-Droid several links to Connection-Nodes; what I had also found were mysterious biological or some sort of sylph material inside the Dedos-Droids. One of the greatest attacks we like to talk about is our hyper-bombing of Corinth's Black Box. It was insecure for a mere 2 hours when we went in, went out and one of the largest repair plants for the Dedos-Droids was wiped from corruption.
Author: When you wipe an Dedos's World with corruption, what exactly does that mean to the Dedos? Is it a significant enough loss to put a noticeable dent in their operations?
ナミダ: The noticeable dent is a noticeable lack of smart Characters ehehehehe. When you lose one of the main engineers of an operation, hell a whole team of engineers nobody can pick up where they left off. The only real noticeable difference is when it comes to seeing how they play out their operations is a distinct slowing down of reinforcements. It's still not enough to probably be feasibily done in one life time.
Author: You guys are pretty damn tough.
ナミダ: We do what we can to restore the natural order to the Western-Connection. We're all sick of seeing these silver-skinned fucks, you know I can punch right through them if I try hard enough? Ahahaha I can't do that for the fuckin' Cataphract-Units those ones are new, those beasts are warmachines they come clad in a unidentifiable goldenish alloy we named "orichalcum".
Author: How have you managed to make it out so far? Do you normally incur deaths in your groups? How many of you are there, it seems like a risky business to want to become a guerilla.
ナミダ: It's a reasonable conclusion to the madness the Dedos operate under, society itself normally incur deaths from the Dedos so our numbers only add to the general population. I can't fully disclose how many of us are there but let me tell you, so many Worlds of us are out there. Many Characters want to join our forces, I like to make sure everything is well ordered normally events like tonight don't happen often. It's late at night so I guess we don't tend to fair well with ambushes, the Dedos-Droids can just appear into existence within the flick between your fingers. The 10 members we lost tonight weren't all greenhorns or anything, it's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. Personally there have been many times and situations where I found myself at the edge of death I'm just not sure why it hasn't happened yet; I can see those figures past the boundaries the ones even idiots can reflect about...
Author: I'm sure you philosophy is interesting, you must have a motto for the Militia don't you?
ナミダ: Sure do, Weak people believe what is forced onto them; Strong people believe in their own reality and force it to become accepted. We are not weak, we want the Dedos to accept they aren't wanted on this plane.
Author: Thank you very much for this talk.
ナミダ: Leaving so soon? It was nice talking with you, hope we can meet again sometime.