Character Details

Name: Margaux Xiomara
Birth Date 2833946 .77898
Height 5 5
Worlds Testing_Oubliette Dark Forest n/a
Favorite Color Blue Black
Favorite Object Executioner's Swaxe Diary


While I was sojourning for a little while in Oryctolagus Cunilicus I came around to interviewing this woman because I was a little bit interested in why Rabbitfolk tend to like execution exhibitionism so much. Her fur pattern resembles scars more-so an actual common fur pattern, she smelled very perfume-y maybe to get rid of the smell of blood. Her expression was very soft and the way she spoke carried this sort of light flutter, you couldn't be able to convince me she was an executioner if you tried to. She strongly smelled like lavender, I don't know if it was some sort of deodorant but it kind of reeked, incredibly rough on the nose.


Margaux: I don't normally do interviews. Normally Guild Spokespeople and Chieftans get the attention.
Author: Well perhaps today is the day you get some spotlight!
Margaux: I'm anti social.
Author: I guess the most important question is and I'm saying this because I'm not a Rabbit or anything, do you ever feel bad about your executions?
Margaux: Ummm no. Nobody seems to have an issue with it that's why we have executions they're kind of necessary for society to function..
Author: Back where I live Characters were seldomly executed, we tend to avoid it since death is a pretty scary thing for most Characters
Margaux: Why would it be scary? If you deserve to die you deserve to die, just divine order is all.
Author: If a good person were executed for a crime they didn't commit wouldn't that be against divine order?
Margaux: Good people die same as bad people die. Divine order.
Author: If you were to be killed right now by my hands... wouldn't that make you think twice over?
Margaux: That would be illegal. You do not have the permission to do that.
Author: By your logic that would probably entail me getting executed after the fact?
Margaux: We must have skipped over a bit of conversation but yes.
Author: What if that never comes? What if I'm like reprogrammed into a Dedos bot? I would be immortal forever and I would kill so many more Rabbits is this hypothetical scenario, this has happened before to a Character you know?
Margaux: You should not interrogate me on my faith. You best know if your head's on the chopping block I'll be giving you a dirty swing.
Author: Thankfully I don't intend to break any laws, what do you believe in if you don't mind me asking?
Margaux: Everyone in Oryctolagus spare a few Anti-Optimates and Cats believe in Airish Bēstes Demisman. If you want I can hand you this good book. It will do nicely for your character.
Author: I'm okay, but if you were to sell me on it what is the premise.
Margaux: I do not like to entertain folks with my religion. It's a serious religion.
Author: Please, this isn't some sort of ruse to mess with you this is genuinely for my readers.
Margaux: Okay, let me quote the book... Came the days before acknowledgement, endless dark falls and brightened photospheres. Seek the heavens, and yonder came creation matter; birthing the universe to only see it rot. 136 edsceafta spread out from its chest to nurture and replenish the dying giant. Their forms resembled us, vivid: lifelike luminescent flesh coupled with holy horns. The first edsceaft of the beings was a dial, rowed with shards of fluorescent shards of star each shard reflecting infinite realities. So time began, as creation was but a mirage of matter. One of the edsceafta named YYUu decided to make the second creation a function sequence, in which reality was bonded to their will. The other 135 beings took this as a platform to have a single leader. The edsceafta were weakening however, they attempted to eat the ground beneath them so they could survive. The beings took this as a sign that YYUu had cursed them all to starve, and to feast on the mother that created them. YYUu was intelligent however, to which they said “split into 256!” Casting a spell, the beings were commanded to split and split and split, leaving only YYUu, in which the iotas that makeup matter were created. Upon the sawlung giant and the sāwlian brothers; YYUu had ripped the flesh from mother seeking the medrengecynd to create a reality basked in eternal enlightenment There are commandments and many other stories which decide many of the laws and practices in Oryctolagus Cunilicus. YYUu is more of a representation than a concept. YYUu's word may not be understandable and it may be cruel but in the end it works.
Author: That's quite a bit... What do you see in the world exactly?
Margaux: Everything is very reasonable. Even in bad times it is all very reasonable. I know when I rest and I bestow my life back onto The Connection.... I will be able to meet my friends.
Author: Did something happen?
Margaux: I don't want to talk anymore.(She left our table)
Author: What a weirdly melodramatic note to end on.