Character Details

Name: 玖錠 冷泉
Birth Date n/a n/a
Height 5 6
Worlds 鏡像のタワー n/a n/a
Favorite Color 錆浅葱(Rusted light-blue ) 藤鼠(Mousy Wisteria)
Favorite Object Childhood Paintbrush Figurine of Barmethew the Great


Kujou was apparently the Character that helped Naxitari from her trouble with law enforcement. Definitely a strange sort but I got some insight into the Mastiff Garbadhatu EpicY4 Age Empire which was pretty neat. He wears a lot of chains, his poofy surtout and piercing definitely gave me a sort of idea on who he is? But as I continued to speak with him I got a more vibrant confusing picture of an Emo-Pimp rather than the ennui prescence he gave off seeing how he was in a Insecure-World.


Author: It's nice meeting you Kujou
Kujou: とてもおはようございます!元気ですか?。
Author: I'm, doing great! I'm glad we have the oppurtunity to talk minus the inimical language barrier, anyways let me preface; I am a traveller who is wants to document all the interesting sites in the Western-Connection. You come from 獒胎蔵のエピック四世 (Mastiff Garbadhatu EpicY4 Age) Kujou: そう、昔からその帝国はともに腐敗と貪汚乱された。
。 (Yes, long ago the empire became corrupt with degeneracy and greed.)
何とか... カトリト様が遺伝子的に新しい王家のキャラクターとして新しい犬皇帝になったとき、平民は必要以上に激怒した。
(When Katlit became the new Dog Emperor as a Character that was newbred to the royal family, the commonfolk became needlessly enraged.)
Author: Was Katlit some other type of breed? What made the optimates angry?
Kujou: カトリト様は犬と男じゃない。カトリトは鬣狼の女性で、辞表を通じて王座についた。
(Katlit wasn't a dog nor was Katlit a he. Katlit is a female Maned Wolf who wiggled her way into the throne through business ventures.)我々は、「座禅客を王位についたらで神神しい全能者」と考えています。
(We generally like to consider that the throne sitter when assuming the throne becomes a divine pantocrater or is divine through selection.) 最近はその座席が、どちらかというと名札なようにはなっていた、それは誰もが思うこと。
(But, recently it's like that seat has become more of a label it's what everyone thinks.) 幾度となく分裂と統合を繰り返しというように、帝国の循環と思います。
(To deconstruct and to reconstruct, perhaps that is what the cycle of an empire is.
Author; I'm not to adverse into Dog culture, do you all just worship the same Emperor as a God?
Kujou:皇帝は、誰も知らない最高の魔法を教わる。(The emperor is taught a highest form of magic noone else knows.)
(Could it be mind control? Could it be enchanting? Or perhaps a specific weapon nobody is quite sure.)
昔における皇帝だと、血と汗の結晶である王座を勝ってに入れた。でも、繰り返しの動作は前世にはこの退廃的な糞座禅客は暴れまわっていたを許した!(Back in the old days, an Emperor would have to win the throne with his blood and labor. The consistent repetitive cycles of power allowed this shitty decadent guest to run amok!) 今や、妄想人と妄想心中と狂的な魔法力共にいのちしらず、カトリックは業務の波旬。
(Now we have a insane person with an insane consciousness, insane magic powers with a complete disregard for Character's lives, Katlick is a total Business Demon.
Author: Exclusive rights to a form of magic huh.. Any legends or records of what it could be?
Kujou: 知らないけど町の人は、ワルドの創造に関係があると言います(I'm not sure but it has something to do with World Creation.) Author: What was your occupation how was life like when it was good?
(I'm a pimp, I sell men and women online)
Author: Woah, do you ever feel bad about that?
Kujou: 気にする理由がわからない、仕事なんだから。(Why would I feel bad about it it's a job.)
Author: Something about selling people to have sex with eachother is kind of exploitative isn't it?
Kujou: 合法的で、規制が厳しく、クリーンだ。他のワールドの法制、妓夫 を犯罪に仕立て上げ、犯人のように振舞う人がいます。
(It's legal, it's regulated, it's clean. They make pimps out to be criminals so then they act like criminals.)
(In the kingdom daily life meant mandatory work, everyone did it.)
(Due to the new ruler everything went wrong of course.)
(Equality started to disappear, wealth became hoarded by the wrong people. Jobs started to resemble how ant colonies functioned.)
Author: You think things will change, will you ever go back?
Kujou: もしかしたら、状況は変わるかもしれない。結局のところ、希望を持つことは常に良いことなのだ。
(Maybe things will change one day, at the end of it all its always good to have some hope.)
Author: SO Naxitari mentioned you, and that's why I'm here. I find it kind of weird that a Japanese speaking Dog decided to rescue a runaway Cat who doesn't understand Japanese. You're also a pimp.
Kujou: そのワームみたいなばけものを 作っているのを見たNaxitariちゃんで、顔や毛並みが可愛く、エコテロの様相もあり、よりホットな存在になりました。
(I saw Naxitari make that worm, her face and her fur were so pretty; there was also the eco-terrorist aspect to it.)
(She was unconcious lying on the floor, as the Dedos were spawning I had to run and rescue her.
(She was so confused when we first met, the language barrier wouldn't let us talk.
こうやって一緒に生活を 理解ました。本やゲームを使ってゆっくり教えています。
(We learned to live with eachother like this, she's slowly learning with the books and games we share.)
Author: I see, It's nice to see she's in good care.