Character Details

Name: Houlura Nayanalanasturandesixiduiousiouxilinit-MarkII
Birth Date 2838436 .00223
Height 5 5
Worlds Golden-Dianofold Glorious-Pastures-2 Marble Tower
Favorite Color Cerulean Peach
Favorite Object Adderall(popular with her species) Book of Numerology


So this fennec wanted an early investment into the architecture of this site and partially funds my exploration now I guess. I didn't want to accept the money but she gave a generous loan of ".001 Brozouf" which... fair enough if you want an interview this badly...or friends this badly? I think most fennecs are a bit neurotic and it's not unpopular to say that it's their culture or whatever. She wears a really cute dress and crown, has a shrilly voice and smells like sand with perfume. Fennecs are pretty smart, I think it might be somethign with their drinking water or something with ADderockenfehrter's air. Her specialty of trade is investments, foresights, and writing so I guess I was pretty lucky to land on this angel investor.


Author: Hello, thank you for having such high hopes for this site.
Houlura: My pleasure VuV
Author: So why did you want me to have this conversation with you?
Houlura: I took a lot of adderall... Was trying to write a book I broke taboos by eating too much..
Author: =3=Ummm... What's adderall? What's this book you're writing I'm a little interested.
Houlura:It's about using art as a form of resistance, describing what art is.. how it relates to life and death.
Author: I see, tell me about it I'm not really an artist myself But I like to take in the sites of the world.
Houlura: Before you eventually die and your body is left to corrupt and fester little bugs, there's that push your brain has to make that final stop before the profane and the sacred seperate. I believe that part of the sacred is the mind which lies out of bounds from the world. While it sounds like a flagellation of art at least try to picture it this way, seeing a painting depicting a scene of a dog eating an apple. The painting captures a moment but the process of that painting being painted is only one third of the metaphysical bringing of the painting, the other processes are the implied action before and after the painting. The painter focuses on the details to enact their vision of a desire they wish to bring to actuallization, whilst simultaneously taking into account the thermodynamics of the past the future would only be left as a blank "what if". The past is a virus which infects the painting forever and eternally there is a quantifiable character to it, the character ceases functioning without hyperstition and in the moment the painter lifts their brush and ends the painting process it is over, dead. In the narrative of the painter it is this exact act of proccess of the painting in which they view themselves as the process between profane and sacred; the seperation of the two feels never-ending and masked in a state of reality and fiction.>~<
Author: That seems correct, I'm not sure what you mean by hyperstition or thermodynamics though.. are you some sort of scholar doing a investigation on art?
Houlura: Yes that is correct, I can explain thermodynamics with hyperstition. We're both aware that different cultures use different forms of measuring heat with numbers such as 35F or 23C. Most Characters when stepping into a hot world can sort of feel that its 70F and they notice on a thermostat that it also says 70F, however if you were to look into the degrees of heat there are you will see it's not 70F more so 70.000000000039....F and so on. The hyperstition is that that you can only feel in those preset degrees a theory that simply tells you to follow the numbers that don't exist it's hierarchical tyranny brought about by some sort of God of Farenheit. It's a level of paranoia that nobody records and it works with language it works with mystery books it works with sigils it works in non-linear time. What can something new tell you about something old after the fact as it itself is older than the origin of it's existence, it's an infinite vortex of possibility which follows the imaginary world. I could go on, after all im writing a whole book >_<
Author: So tell me what besides your hobbies, what's ADderockenfehrter like?
Houlura: It's going... There's so much activity in the streets, a lot of excess material being spent and traded and virtual material as well.>3< There's issues with neets, deadbeats, homeless people, people who love wealth and capital. Many days it feels so overwhelming to me everyone seems to be consumed by this cyclical society. I have my own friends which would probably love to speak with you but that's for another day... I live in a pretty big house whenever you want to come visit.^_^
Author: Let me ask, what interested you so much about this site that you would want to invest in it?
Houlura: By investing here I buy up virtual possibilities, for my own purposes a encyclopedia of this sort would also bring insights to me I couldn't get with my general textbooks. I think the future is in sites anyways, I have a hope in the future of digital spaces and commerce. A digital jungle pulsating with digital diseases, coding predators, hyperfetishism... Perhaps more..^_^
Author: I see... thank you though you've been a great guest. Houlura: Always happy to help~^_^