Character Details

Name: チエ n/a
Birth Date 2837465 .38750
Height 7 1
Worlds 錦繡の世 ANTI-DEDOS民兵の駐屯地 n/a
Favorite Color 黒紅(Dark Red) 宍色(Meat Color)
Favorite Object 斬馬刀(Some cool sword?) 鎌槍 (Gowdalie)


Chie is part of the Anti-Dedos Militia, because she's a dog she has a bit of a different tounge than the standard English we follow. Thanks to one of the other members Namida I was able to use a device that deciphers Japanese. It isn't fully perfected but it will open your eyes to see what it's like on the other side of the language barrier. Chie has a prediliction towards violence, definitely one of the more scarier Characters I've had the pleasure of speaking with. Malodorous incarnadine blood tincted her taupe tanktop, before I met her I had also met the many Dedos and broken bloodied guards. She was literally drooping with the stuff, like some sort of carnifex. Her body was toned to all hell and back I could basically see the muscles through her soggy shirt, at first upon meeting her she went to choke me out. The only reason she didn't end me right there and then was because I was noticed by one of her Guerilla friends(Namida), the timing was perfect; I still had my extreme doubts when it came to approaching her again. We were all in a Connection-Road camp it was dangerous territory and I was originally only going to interview my friend, until I discovered Chie was the condottiere of the militia so I just had to do this.


チエ: 獲物どうぞ宜しく。 (Greetings fresh meat.)
Author: I was just wondering if I could get a small interview with you, you're interesting.
(You want a shitty conversation or something?)
Author: MMMmm, I venture to interview interesting Characters, I've interviewed all sorts of Characters many of them being felons or thieves or the such. I was wondering what you do on a daily basis or whatever this isn't about intimidation or anything.
(So you need an interview?)
何を話したい?(Very well, what do you want to talk about?)
Author: So you're the condottiere of this militia, I noticed there was some bodies down the road. Could you explain exactly what happened here?
(At first there were around 18 of us, we were traveling down the Connection-Road. At first it seemed like we came in contact with a ghost, until I had heard a scream resound from one of the militia members. I ran to go see, and before I knew it they were dead.)
(It wasn't a ghost, it was Dedos. We were facing around 30 of those Dedos and guards. It was a complete bloodbath, by the end of it I could only reflect on the members we lost.)
Author: Scary, originally I thought this came from you. Looking around I can see only 8 members.
(Right, well saying all that let me decompress a little. I'm not happy, everyone here is tense.)
Author: You yourself are kind of bloodthirsty, I was wondering what your thought process looks like.
チエ:俺はグノーシスである、自分はかなり頭がいいと思いたい。多くの哲学者を読みましたが、その結果、キャラクターには狼藉的な傾向があり、それは常にコイントスの本質であるという結論に達しました。(I read a lot of philosophers which let me come to the conclusion that...Characters have a predilection for violence, we always have it's in the nature of the coin toss.)
寓話をあげよう。犬と猫、2人のキャラクターが議論 をする。彼らは、自分の運命を支配しているかどうか、そして、百姓が意識しているかどうかに対する疑念を口にする。
(Two characters, dog and cat pursue an argument. They speak of whether they are in control of their own destiny, and their suspicions of whether or not others are conscious.)
犬は、すべてのキャラクターは霊界と結びついていると主張する。猫は、言語は社会構築であるから、思考には何のメリットもないと主張する。(The dog argues that all characters are tied to a spiritual world. The cat argues that because language is a construct, thoughts don't have any merit.)
しかし、両者は合意に至り、狼藉を求めた。そこで彼らはピストルで決闘キマまりました。(But they both came to an agreement, they both sought violence. So they settled to have a pistol duel.)
一人亡くなって、観念論はなかった。運命を決めるのは戦争であり、究極の決着は決闘である(The ultimate decider of fate is war, and the ultimate decision is a duel.)道徳法則は、強者の権利を剥奪し、弱者に有利にするためにキャラクター類が発明したものである。道徳的見解は、いかなる究極の試しによっても、正しいか間違っているかを証明することはない。
(Morality is an invention for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak. A moral view can never be proven right or wrong by any ultimate test. )決闘の目的は、誰かの見解を確認するためではなく、より大所高所を圧巻するために行われたのです。(The very involvement of dueling was not to confirm anyone's perspective, it's purpose was to bring to perspective a greater view.)
Author: Wow, that was a lot. I have to get going now, thank you for this conversation.