Character Details

Name: Author n/a Age
Birth Date 2838171 .68056 19
Height 5 6
Worlds Zinnia-Cave n/a n/a
Favorite Color Black-Black Numen
Favorite Object Paw-Pad Notepad


I guess this is where I describe myself; while I'm not entirely sure about how I'd view myself I asked some accounts of my fellow family members, friends and aquaintances. I'd say I'm a bit of a extern to our society , since an early age I've always had the affinity to record everything. It has always been within the deepest inner reaches of my soul to take in the sights and smells of the world and to gradually peel open this great cavalcade of mystes. I cannot imagine why so many choose to reserve themselves to their Worlds when it has always been in the nature of characterkind to capitalize and dominate the vastness of the Western-Connection. My companions like to describe me as reserved with a shortish temper, which I will concede to despite me knowing full well many of my responses are done for the sake of logic and consistency. They also speak of my rebellious nature towards the Autarchs, we are all hierodule to these bastards and I think a cataclysm should fall on them.... however the chances of any huge event actually impacting them seems almost downright delusional. My family loves me I'm very lucky to have such great parents who support my actions, that's why I always strut with a sharp illuminous confidence.
My appearance... while again I am writing a description for myself I do want to use this section to comment on others appearances, as you can tell my thick glasses are very apparent... and I like to wear two hair pins one being a heart and the other a skull. I had also been inflicted with a scar after a fight with a certain once friend.... My stature is definitely short as a female bear I guess im just sorta reserved to these sorts of things, sometimes I think about a different reality where I'm a male bear.


Normally here is where I would interview the person in question, so instead for this section I'm going to outline exactly how I'll accomplish my interviews (this is also for any of you who want me to interview you just contact me.) My main goal is to have a conversation and really get a good understanding of how someone thinks, views the world, how agreeable or neurotic they are, perhaps get some light information on their childhood or life story. I installed this pretty neat software on my Paw-Pad which auto-inscribes our speaking into words which is such a time saver writing can get annoying. To end off these two articles, I am incredibly excited to catalogue the many inhabitants of the Western-Connection.